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Carriage House

Back Deck
Master Bed
Side Porch
Front Brackets
Retaining Wall
Front Porch
Photo was taken in Aug of 2005
Our 1865 House

This is our site which we have nicknamed, "Our This Old House". The house was built in 1865 by one of the first 7 settlers on Ottumwa. This 2 story brick house has many stories to tell. We will share some with you. We recently converted our house from a duplex to a single family home. The pictures on this site are from the renovation of the house. They include the Guest Bedroom, Kitchen, Full Bath, Living Room and Parlor and Dining Room w/ Fireplace. Exterior projects include a new Carriage House, a second garage, and numerous landscaping projects.

Photo taken in 1870
Old Photos

We recently obtained some old photos of the house. Pictures taken in the late 1800s.  We never thought we would ever get some like these.  It shows some of the great detail that was on the house in its glory days!.
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Carriage House

Now that our driveway is complete, we can now begin construction of our garage, aka the carriage house. Several months of planning have gone into this project to make sure that the final results will be functional, meet city requirements, and keep the look consistent with our house. The two-story structure will house our vehicles and tools below, and have space for .....
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Side Porch - July 2005
Side Porch

The “side porch” project was one of our undertakings that was an effort to take the house back closer to its original form.  In a photo we have from the 1960’s, you can see that porch jutted out farther from the side of the house than it did when we purchased it...
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Second Garage - November 2011

Second Garage

The old storage shed just wasn't enough for us anymore. We have acquired more cars and a lot more tools, and needed more space to accommodate everything...
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